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"I can highly recommend Mark Farrin as a dedicated musician & guitarist. Mark came to work for M.B.T. (Newton Abbot, Devon) in 1997 for 12 months as the head of guitar tuition. In this time he taught many students imparting his wealth of knowledge & understanding of the electric guitar. Mark has a real passion and love for music and is a very good guitarist. His relaxed and faithful attention to his students is whats so often missing amongst musicians & in music education today. He not only plays the instrument very well, but also has a very good understanding of the mechanics of music & harmony. He will meet each student at their own level & work at their own pace. Why not give him a try and see for yourself?"
Simon Field (Head Of M.B.T.)

"I would personally recommend Mark Farrin to any would be guitarists: His methodical step by step approach really does get results; and through relevant exercises he develops your musicianship."
Mick(40 something (20+ years playing experience)) Brixham

"Ive been having Bass guitar lessons with Mark for six months now and have really enjoyed learning with him. Despite having never played a musical instrument before Ive managed to pick up the basic skills of playing the guitar and understanding rhythm due to Marks excellent level of teaching. I have a hour lesson at my home every week during which Mark spends time going through skills, technique, theory and teaching me to play the styles of music I enjoy, I even get an odd joke thrown in for free!!! All in all I really enjoy learning with Mark due to his expert teaching, knowledge and the relaxed atmosphere between us. Thanks Mark youre my (musical) hero - sort of like a guitar playing Spiderman!"
Joe (20) Torquay

"My Uncle said that now my guitar playing is well solid"
Andrew (13) Torquay

"Mark brought lots of fun equipment with him for Jordan (whos 10) to have a go with - sound boxes, amps, allsorts! Hes a great guitarist, knows so much about the history of guitars as well and told us all sorts of interesting stuff!"
Sue Dartmoor