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Mark is able to teach:

  • All ages
  • All Levels – beginner to advanced
  • All Styles – Punk, Metal, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk etc
  • Lead and Rhythm, Theory, Harmony, Technique, Improvisation, Ear Training etc

He has a flexible student focused approach.

He teaches in Torquay or at students homes

Guitar teaching is about developing three things –

  • the students technique (the “How to”)
  • the students understanding (the “What”)
  • and the students musicianship (the “Why”).

Mark teaches holistically so that all these aspects are balanced and complimenting each other.

Mark says - "I’m particularly keen to develop my students musicianship and I teach various exercises to improve phrasing, note choice and improvisational skills."

Mark offers a free introductory lesson as standard, and his fees are based on a rate of £25 per hour.